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Tied Together

For most people, memories of summer camp bring about visions of kayaking, swimming, playing games and often, crafting. It’s heartwarming to see how much the children at Children’s Harbor enjoy creating different crafts. Out of all the crafts they make, the one that stands out the most is the paracord bracelets. Paracord bracelets are considered “survival bracelets” in military and camp settings as they are small but helpful in emergency situations, such as securing loads and building shelters. While we do not make them for this purpose, children of all ages can partake in this craft that allows them to use their creative abilities while learning a new skill.

Camp Resilience was held over Labor Day weekend for the victims and families of the recent Dadeville shootings. While a seemingly lighthearted task for such a heavy situation, making paracord bracelets gave these families an outlet to enjoy some respite while relating with one another. They were able to find joy in creating while also being reminded that they are not alone. The unique aspect of tying cords together to make something beautiful resembles what camp does for families. They come unashamedly themselves with different shades of life and imperfections. They each have their own story of how they got there, but when united together, they provide strength and resilience. Their common bond allows them to go forward, shining brighter than when they first arrived.