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A Letter from a Mom

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Leah Arkle’s son, Wynn, is in the intensive feeding program at Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham. Both mother and son have spent many hours in the Children’s Harbor Family Center during Wynn’s stay in the hospital. Leah shares her story:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for our family at Children's Harbor during our stay thus far at Children's Hospital. Wynn just turned 2 years old, and he has an autoimmune disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) that affects his esophagus. He has had a difficult journey with eating, pain management and growth since he was born. He is now a patient at the Intensive Feeding Program here at Children's. He and I are here away from our family in Dothan for eight weeks during his treatment. Being at the hospital every day is hard for such a long time, but having Children's Harbor has been a breath of fresh air for both Wynn and me.

“Wynn gets so excited every day to go to the Harbor. When we get near the doors, he yells ‘backet-ball!’(basketball). He loves to play basketball in the court. He also loves to go in, get his token and play the machine to hopefully win a beanie baby. Recently, he was having a really tough day, and when he was at the Harbor, he won a puppy out of the grab machine. It made his day! He instantly lit up, held and kissed his puppy. He couldn't decide if it went ‘meow’ or ‘woof’, but either way, he was thrilled! He still sleeps with ‘puppy cat’ every night.

“We also had a huge milestone recently at the Harbor - Wynn had his first hair cut! He doesn't usually like his head being touched, so it took a while for him to warm up to the idea of having Miss Danielle cut his hair. She was so patient with him. The ladies at the front desk knew it was a big deal for him, so they even got him a ball (that he loves) after he got it cut!

To the employees, volunteers and to those that donate to the Harbor, I truly can't thank you enough. We are so incredibly grateful for all you have done for us!”

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