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The Other Side of Camp: Relief for Parents

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All parents want to protect their children and keep them safe, so it is particularly devastating to learn that your child has a chronic illness such as cancer, renal disease or spina bifida. Stress levels can spike when caring for an ill child. One recent study found that mothers and fathers experienced similar stressors when caring for an ill child, but mothers experienced higher stress levels, perhaps because they’re typically the child’s primary caregiver. The same study suggested lack of control may be the most stressful aspect of care giving — parents feel a loss of control when, for example, they are unable to help their child feel better, or are uncertain about the future prognoses.

Children’s Harbor Lake Martin is a shining beacon of hope for these families. Attending a camp is a chance to expand their supportive community as well as connect with other camp families who understand the issues they are facing. The opportunity to create a memorable experience for the entire family is priceless and most likely the only time during the year they can take a “vacation” because of the financial burden a chronic illness brings.

Many families feel that being at camp is the most relaxed they have been since their children became sick. They tell us frequently how much they appreciate being able to live with no one questioning them about their children’s condition.

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