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Christmas dinner brightens holiday for patients and families

Children's Harbor receives grant to support Family Center

Christmas time around Children's Harbor Family Center is just magical. The power of laughter, a touch, a smile, a kind word from volunteers are life changing for families who have a child in the hospital since it can be a very isolating experience. During December 2015, the volunteers from Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church came and served a wonderful Christmas dinner to the patients and their families. The meal gave families an opportunity to take a break from the hospital room and to have a moment of normalization which means the world to them.

Kathleen, one of the volunteers, sums it up perfectly:
"I always tell parents I enjoy meeting them, but wish they were not there. I had a mom smile, and say, oh no! We WANT to be here! She shared that she is so very GLAD to be there! Had it not been for Children’s of AL, her child would not have had the transplant that saved her life! These are only a few glimpses of one night at Children’s Harbor. We have a team of loving volunteers that experience much of the same. We have volunteers that make the plates of food for us to serve. I learned that one of them never leaves the kitchen because it breaks her heart to see all of the sickness and pain in the families. Yet, she comes and serves every month because she feels called to. If she wasn’t in the kitchen preparing the plates of food, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to have fellowship with these families. Our mission is serving others. We are the hands and feet of Christ on earth."

This group of volunteers have been serving at Children’s Harbor Family Center for 11 years. Thank you Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church for all that you have done for the patients, families and Children’s Harbor.

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