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We Appreciate Our Volunteers

A Glimpse into the Education, Career Development & Transition Program

Children’s Harbor is a magical place, not only for the children and their families who find love and support here, but also for those whose efforts help make the wonder possible-our dedicated volunteers. We are honored to be celebrating such a special group of individuals in the Children’s Harbor family during the month of April, which is National Volunteer month! The compassion they show to the patients and families we serve is an inspiration for us all.

Volunteerism is an enormous part of making progress in strengthening communities across America and we certainly could not sufficiently fulfill the needs of our patients and families without our volunteers. President Richard Nixon established National Volunteer Week with an executive order in 1974, and every sitting U.S. president since Nixon has issued a proclamation during National Volunteer Week, urging Americans to give their time to community outreach organizations.(1)

We are so proud of our volunteers at the Family Center and the Lake Martin campus and the time they commit to helping us enhance our services, programs and events. They have truly made a huge impact this past year. From tagging merchandise at the Thrift Store to hosting technology classes to sponsoring Fun Nights to taking kids boating, our volunteers are sharing their time and valuable skills with patients and families.

Approximately 2,634 volunteer hours were donated in 2014 at the Family Center.

More than 70 meals were served at the Family Center in 2014.

Approximately 6,384 patients and families were served in 2014 by volunteer based events.

(1) The History of Volunteer Week, By Jenni Wiltz, eHow Contributor

How Can You Help?

The assistance Children’s Harbor receives from generous donors and active volunteers is central to carrying out our mission. Learn more about getting involved.