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Children’s Harbor Partners With Vanderbilt For A Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

Sounds of Healing

Children’s Harbor and Vanderbilt students collaborated to host an event geared towards sharing the importance of reading on Dr. Seuss’ birthday Monday, March 2nd. The event was coordinated by Children’ s Harbor Program Specialist Morgan Stephenson and consisted of many Dr. Seuss inspired activities including a reading of “The Lorax” by two Vanderbilt students dressed up as Cat in the Hat and the Lorax. “The Lorax” was Dr. Seuss’ favorite book because it chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler.

Event Details

Movie Lounge with ”The Lorax” movie playing

Lorax themed Craft Stations:

  • Truffula Tree Watercolor and Pom Pom Bookmark
  • Truffula Tree Finger Painting
  • Recycled Fabric Flower Pot

The Lorax's Snack Bar

A beautiful patient paints her own Seuss inspired artwork during the Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration.

“The event was a great success enjoyed by over 50 patients and family members. A huge thank you to the Vanderbilt University students who gave up their spring break to volunteer with Children’s Harbor. The patients and families had a blast celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday by creating recycled fabric flower pots, watercolor bookmarks and truffula trees,” said Morgan Stephenson, Children’s Harbor Program Specialist.

Alternative Spring Break is a student-run community service organization whose mission is to promote critical thinking, social action, and continued community involvement by combining education, reflection, and direct service. The organization sends groups of 12 students, including 2 site leaders, on 38 different sites focusing on different social issues each year.

The Vanderbilt students were awestruck by the Family Center and all of the supportive programs and services provided for free to patients and families at the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children. Here are some words that the students said described the Children’s Harbor Family Center: Compassionate, Supportive, Extensive, Creative, Lively, Useful, Colorful, Spacious, Warm and Welcoming, Thoughtful, Fun, Amazing, Energizing, Loving, Homey, Valuable.

Students from Vanderbilt take time away from their college books to read Dr. Seuss books to patients.

Vanderbilt Student Quotes

"The amount of compassion and care on the part of the facility and staff was amazing. I definitely thought that the effort expended towards the care of the children and their families was the most impressionable trait of the Children's Harbor Family Center"

"The facilities are so extensive and I'm impressed by how much you offer families for the long-term and on a daily basis"

"Very lively environment, happy place with passionate staff. Children are the top priority here-so much attention is given to family needs"

"The amount of fine resources available for patients and visitors at the Family Center is truly amazing. I have not seen in other hospitals something this impressive. There really seems to be a huge emphasis on patient satisfaction, happiness and comfort"

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