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Remote car race gets Caleb walking

Return visit brings bear hugs & confirmation

Caleb is a great example of the little miracles that happen continuously throughout our Family Center. Because of chronic pain brought on by his diagnosis of Henoch-Schönlein purpura, it had been very hard for Caleb to find the motivation to walk. Doctors, nurses and physical therapists tried and tried for a month to motivate Caleb to resume movement, but all of their attempts were unsuccessful. However, that changed when Caleb came to the Family Center for our remote control car race. This is how his mother, Rebecca, described this magical moment of triumph:

Caleb had been looking forward to this event the whole week. He loves remote control cars! When my husband and I came to the Family Center for the race, Caleb was still in his wheelchair. As we pulled up to the gym, a long line of patients and siblings had already formed. Caleb was so anxious to get into the basketball court where the event was held, but we would have to wait until the line shortened so we could maneuver his wheelchair into the basketball court. But Caleb had a plan of his own - he told us he was going to walk in. We were just awestruck as we watched our son walk into the event, and just overjoyed seeing his face light up as he raced the remote control car around the track with other patients and siblings. We felt like we had our son back. We are so grateful Children's Harbor is here inside the hospital.

The Rev-It-Up Remote Control Car Race is a monthly event sponsored by Hope Christian's Key Club. The Key Club has been sponsoring the event for eight years.

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