Graycen fell in love with the music

After 13,500 toys, Bill's not slowing down

Beanie Babies bring big smiles

Bill Best makes wooden race cars, trucks, airplanes, animals, and Christmas ornaments for the kids of Children’s Harbor to enjoy. The patients love these wooden toys because they can customize them with paint, jewels, ribbon, etc at the Family Center. Counter Dimension’s in Pelham, AL, has continuously donated scrap lumber to him specifically for building the toys.

“I sincerely believe the children in the hospital do not have much to do, and I think the toys might help make their stay in the hospital a little easier and give them something different and fun to do,” said Bill Best.

He has been bringing these toys to Children’s Harbor Family Center once a month for 14 years, which in all is a total of 13,500 toys and counting!

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