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Parenting a Child with Medical Complications

Your Support System

Parenting is one of the most joyful and rewarding roles in life, though at times it can be overwhelming. Children with or without serious illnesses may present challenges for a parent, but many times a medical crisis presents an elevated need of support.  Routine visits and prescription needs increase for major illnesses and weigh heavier on a family. When critical needs arise it’s important to utilize a support team.

Support is built differently depending on the illness or family dynamics, but there is help for every situation. It’s important to ask your immediate doctor for resources that will lead to support for you.  An inquiry to your physician will lead to other resources that meet your financial need or that may come at no cost.  These resources can include care for younger siblings, therapy for the patient/family, and no-cost agencies to meet specific needs. Parents are particularly encouraged to show their children how to seek help in order to set an example for them. As they become independent, they will know how to ask for help when hardship arises.

You can utilize Children’s Harbor services through counseling, educational resources, salon services and family activities at The Harbor Family Center within Children’s of Alabama. Contact Cristal Cummings at for more information.