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Managing Finances at Christmastime

Christmastime brings with it so many joyous occasions, but the added pressure of financial obligations can be burdening. Counselor at The Harbor, Susan Smith, relayed some simple yet beneficial pieces of advice to tackle finances wisely throughout the holiday season. Financial health is an important part of the whole-person health, so it is vital to pay attention to that during the holidays. It is easy to get caught up in buying the most gifts or the nicest treasures for your child, but when finances are tight, Susan advises that you give essentials such as new shampoo, toothpaste or items that truly add value to your child’s life. Avoid the guilt that comes with not showering your child with an abundance of gifts, as it is easy to compare yourself to other parents who do that. Try engaging your child within community outreach, such as serving meals at a soup kitchen or donating clothes to families in need. This is far more mood boosting for your children than receiving gifts. When it comes to budgeting, try saving money for coats and blankets that will be useful throughout the cold months and offer comfort for your family. If your child is in the hospital, consider utilizing their social worker as a resource for budgeting. The financial burden of the holidays and getting together a budget may seem overwhelming, but there are always ways to start a personal spending and saving plan. Making a wise decision today and each day following can have a great impact a year from now.

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