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Activities & Respite


The Harbor Family Center is a relaxed and welcoming place to visit during your time at the hospital. The center provides opportunities for fun for children and adults alike while offering the comforts of home for the family to enjoy.

Basketball Court

A quick game of basketball can be a great way to take your mind off things. The basketball court is just under half court with a high-ceiling, great natural daylight and a basketball goal ready to bring out your inner athlete.


The atrium is an open area at the entrance of The Harbor Family Center. It’s often used for events, but look up and you’ll see a beautiful marine-themed piece of revolving art that spans three stories.

Computer Desks

Three computers with high-speed Internet connections are available to patients and families. Check email, find local restaurants, research medical information or enjoy some down time playing games online.

Game Room

The Game Room at The Harbor Family Center offers fun for many ages with arcade-style games, a pool table and air hockey. Younger kids, and some older ones too, also like to see if they can grab a new stuffed toy from the arcade claw machine.

Family Kitchen

Have a family meal in the kitchen at The Harbor Family Center. There is a microwave, refrigerator, tables and food storage areas available to patients and their families.

Family Lounge

The family area in The Harbor Family Center offers relaxed seating near the game and activity areas. It’s equipped with chairs, sofas, a television and tables for children to draw, read, play or do other activities. Many families like to play ping pong as well.

Fitness Center

Take advantage of the fitness center in The Harbor Family Center. It includes two stationary bicycles, a treadmill, an elliptical machine and a multi-station weight machine. For safety, you must be 16 to enter the fitness center.


When you live far away from hospital, some of the simple things we take for granted become more challenging — like washing and drying clothes. The Harbor Family Center has several self-service washers and dryers available free to patients and their families.


For the curious minds of patients, siblings and their parents, the library in The Harbor Family Center offers books and periodicals for children and adults. The books were provided by the Junior League of Birmingham and other generous donors.

Nap Rooms

There are two private nap rooms located in The Harbor Family Center that are the perfect place to step away for a little while, to take a nap, or even just find some quiet time to rest and restore.


Stop in and relax at the salon in The Harbor Family Center. Free haircuts, styles and shampoos are available to patients and family members. If your brave soldier or beautiful princess can’t make it out of their room, allow us the honor of coming to you.

Toddler Play Area

Equipped with age-appropriate toys, the toddler play area is a great place for young kids to spend time playing and burning off a little extra energy. Parents are welcome to play alongside their kids and help their imaginations blossom.


A shower with towels and toiletry packs are available in The Harbor Family Center.