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Goal Setting to Start the New Year

As 2023 comes to a close, it is great to reflect on accomplishments, sweet memories and strong habits built. Looking forward to 2024 gives everyone an opportunity to set attainable goals for themselves to build off of what they learned this past year. Education Coordinator at The Harbor, Amanda Blake Turner, shared some advice regarding goal setting to kick off the New Year.

Amanda emphasizes the importance of creating benchmarks for growth and development both professionally and personally to motivate you towards goals that can be achieved over a period of time. This helps to elevate your present self towards the future and positively projects successful movement throughout the year. It is vital to set realistic goals that do not add to your stress levels, but instead find goals that bring you joy. This will allow you to set reachable goals. It is helpful to have community, family and friends to share goals with so that you can work on them together. These are also the people who can hold you accountable to your goals. For children, it is vital to set goals surrounding education, friendships and personal character development. These can range from small steps to big dreams.

One of Amanda Blake’s biggest personal goals is to complete her dissertation at Samford and to run the entire Pinhoti Trail Series! For her, goal setting provides the journey to the destination. Without goals, it is easy to get lost or lose direction. Setting them will provide the confidence for accomplishments and success.