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Climbing new Heights With Moses: How The Lake Brought Inclusiveness And Respite

“As a parent, my biggest hope is that my special needs son finds good, solid friends that love and value him for who he is, despite him not being able to do certain activities,” said Greta Poweska, mother to Moses.

Moses was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and consequently is unable to walk independently. He is often limited with the “everyday” activities his older brothers and sisters get to enjoy. However, when the Poweska family visited Children’s Harbor’s Lake Martin Campus for Spring Break at the Lake, that was not the case.

“Thank God for Children’s Harbor! Moses was not only able to participate in many “camp type” activities, but being as Children’s Harbor is handicap-accessible, he was also able to navigate his surroundings independently!” said Greta.

One of Moses’s biggest highlights from the weekend was being able to “climb” into the completely handicap-accessible treehouse – an activity many children who share his condition would never even think was possible.

“Of course, it was also lovely that his typical siblings could attend camp with him, as they were able to make lots of new friends – siblings of other special needs kids!” said Greta. “We maintain friendships, to this day, because of the people we met at Children’s Harbor.”

Spring Break at the Lake provided respite for the Poweska family and memories (and friendships) that will last a lifetime.