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Camps for Mission Partners

The mission of Children’s Harbor is to serve seriously ill children and their families.

Children’s Harbor is a uniquely independent organization with two locations (our Family Center located at the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children and the Camp at Lake Martin) whose sole mission is to serve children who have a serious illness and their families. Children’s Harbor is qualified, in terms of expertise, training and unwavering commitment, to carry out this mission of providing a safe harbor and relief from the emotional and physical trauma resulting from the strain that a chronic illness places on a child and their family.

Let Us Help!

For organizations focused on serving children with serious illnesses or conditions, Children’s Harbor provides no-cost and/or low-cost access to our high quality camping facility and expertise. Groups that wish to may apply annually for varying levels of facilities grants.

Depending on your needs, we offer two types of grants

Tier 1

Organizations that wish to provide a camp experience directly to seriously ill children and/or their families may apply for a Tier 1 Grant. Tier 1 Grants provide access to our campus at absolutely no cost to the organization. Your group is responsible for organizing and running your camps, but there is no charge to use any of our facilities.

Tier 2

Organizations or groups whose primary purpose includes pediatric support services may apply for a Tier 2 Grant. Tier 2 Grants allow for a 50% discount on any facilities rentals related to supporting the requesting organization.

If you are interested in applying to host a camp, please contact Chrissie Brantley at